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Update the WIFIBible

How to find out the WIFIBible version

To find out what version your WIFIBible has at the moment, please connect to the WIFIBible and choose in the menu (top right corner) the page "About".
At the top of this page it will tell you the current version you are running.

How to Update the WIFIBible

Updating the WIFIBible version 1.0

If you would like to update a WIFIBible with the version 1.0, you have to bring your complete WIFIBible in to the CRMF workshop as there are major changes to be done.

The update to the newest version will take around one day. Please check first with CRMF if time is available on the day you will bring in your WIFIBible.

It is free of charge. You don't have to pay anything for the update.

See you soon, you will enjoy the new content!