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WIFIBible Version 1.2 is out now!

WIFIBible has launch version, 1.2!

WIFIBible has recently been upgraded to a new version!

The new version is easier to use, contains more resources and works better than before! Come to CRMF in Goroka now and discover the new WIFIBible.


Tutorial Videos

We have added tutorial videos to make it easy for the users to install apps and download contents. 


Bible Project short videos

The Bible Project provides short videos to most books of the Bible. It picks out the major events and sums up the book. It is very useful for your Bible studies.  


Tok pisin Bible, English Bible & Jesus film

Tok Pisin Bible, English Bible and Jesus film are easy to access by clicking on prominent buttons. There is no need to navigate deep into the file tree.

A lot of people have asked us about an English Bible. We have added an English Bible app, the English standard version (ESV) for offline use.


New Music

We added more gospel music from two Christian bands. The Psalmist of Lae and Vision Hill from the Solomon Islands. All are free to download and share.



Want to know more about the WIFIBible or want to get your own WIFIBible?

If you have some stories about the WIFIBible that you would like to share with us, please send it in to us.

You can contact us with this email: wifibiblecrmf.orgpg or with this phone number: (675) 532 2670.