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Enlightening Young Minds with Healthy Contents

The WIFIBible team has come up with the idea of providing fresh and healthy contents in schools. The growth of technology, the increase use of smart phones and the use of the internet brings with it unhealthy contents leading young minds astray.

We are aiming at bringing the young minds back to Christ with bibles, gospel music and other Christian resources. Goroka Secondary was the first school to have a WIFIBible installed. There are no hidden costs of mobile phone credits or the use of an internet connection. The resources are free to access, download and share.

The WIFIBible is installed just outside the Schools computer lab, close to the big hall where most of the students hang out.

Mr. Onga, the Principal was very happy to introduce the WIFIBible and us to the students during an assembly session at the School. During the session, we told them about the WIFIBible and showed them how to connect and access the resources on it.

Later we went around and observe how the students connect to the WIFIBible to access the resources by themselves. Most of them have smart phones and have the basic idea of connecting to the internet so it was very easy for them; only a few were stuck at some point and needed our help to get the resources.