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WIFIBible at the Kongo Coffee, coffee-shop.

Kongo Coffee is a leading coffee company in Papua New Guinea.  It has been involved in the coffee industry for over 20 years. From growing of coffee, to buying, processing, roasting and finally exporting.

It has diversified into transport services, coffee shops and also the distribution of Bravilor Bonamat coffee brewing machines and accessories.

WIFIBible has the greatest pleasure of partnering with Kongo Coffee. During one of CRMF's business trip to the Kongo Coffee site, a WIFIBible device has been installed at the Kongo Coffee, coffee-shop. With the new release, version 1.2 with new improve features and more resources to download and share. It not only provides a free Wi-Fi service for free Bible and christian contents download but also making it worth while for the customers to enjoy their cup of coffee. 

To connect all you have to do is to turn your Wi-Fi settings on and connect to the WIFIBible Free Content wireless signal. Then go to your phone or device browser and put this in, h t t p : / / wifibible.lan, then press go or refresh your browser and it will take you to the WIFIBible mini website. If you still can't connect, follow the instructions on the A3 poster that has been provided with the WIFIBible.

Here is what we have on the WIFIBible.

  • Over 200+ PNG language eBook  Bible
  • Jesus video in Tok pisin & English & some languages
  • Bible teachings & Bible study guides
  • English & Tok pisin eBook Bible
  • English & Tok pisin Bible apps
  • Gospel music from not one but three Gospel Bands, New Breed Band & The Psalmist Band of Lae, Morobe Province & Vision Hills Band from the Solomon Islands
  • The Bible Project videos for Bible studies with short summarized videos of main events of the Bible.
  • Tutorial videos to help you when you get stuck along the way.
  • Prominent button features making it easier to download needed apps and must-have apps.

And many more.

 All these are free to download and use offline.

Happy browsing and enjoy your cup of freshly brewed Kongo coffee!