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Download free Biblical resources at the Singaut Buk Stoa

The EBC (Evangelical Brotherhood church) Singaut Book store in Goroka has a WIFIBible and it has recently been update to the new version, 1.2!

For the version 1.1, we have provided only instructions on paper for our customers to follow and connect to the WIFIBible. Only a few get as far as downloading the Tok pisin Bible app or gospel music, most got lost in the middle or don't have any idea at all.

For this version, 1.2, we have provided tutorial videos that will take the customers through the steps of, how to connect to the WIFIBible; how to download and install the needed apps and how to use the apps with the contents that they are going to download from the WIFIBible.

We have provided a much easier way for our customers to download the two needed apps before proceeding to download the contents on the WIFIBible. At the touch of prominent buttons, they can now download and install those two needed apps.

Most customers have also ask us about an English Bible app that can be downloaded and use offline on their mobile phone. With this in mind, we have now provided the ESV (English Standard Version) Bible app that they can download and use offline.

Visit the Singaut bookstore in Goroka, Download, Enjoy and share the free contents on the WIFIBible!