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MAF 2015 pilots meeting

CRMF had the privilege to deliver 25 WIFIBibles to the MAF pilots and the ground operation staff. Those devices have been generously donated by MAF Netherlands to provide free Bibles and other Christian resources to the MAF customers in Papua New Guinea.

15 battery powered WIFIBibles will be placed in the pilot bags, so the pilots have the opportunity to provide free digital Bibles while offloading the planes in remote airstrips.

The other WIFIBibles will be installed in all the MAF bases in PNG and will shorten the waiting time from the MAF customers before the flight.

The WIFIBible contains Bible scriptures in more than 200 different PNG languages.  

Hopefully the WIFIBible can be an additional way to contribute to MAFs vision: See isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.