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Solar WIFIBible kits tested and ready to go.

The Solar WIFIBible kits are finally here!

We have set them up to be released to the remote areas in PNG where there is no electricity. These WIFIBible solar kits will provide Biblical resources for free download to any wireless capable devices like mobile phones or computers to help the remote people in their their spiritual growth. On solar light can be connected additionally to provide light.

For now, there are 20 of those solar WIFIBible kits prepared to go out to selected areas. Those areas will become test sites where we will get feedback on the use of the solar WIFIBibles.

These solar WIFIBible kits consist of a 12 volts solar panel; a battery that’s charged by the solar panel and a built in WIFIBible. The WIFIBible kit is identified by a WIFIBible sticker on the front of the kit. There is also another sticker which can be placed so people will know that there is WIFIBible reception.

The test at the workshop has shown that the solar WIFIBible kits can run for up to three days before it needs to be charged again.