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New release is coming soon!

The last few months have been really busy for the WIFIBible team. We are now finalizing the coming release and it will be the time worth to wait. You will love the new version of the WIFIBible.

We have added over 200 tok ples Bibles which you can read on your mobile phone or tablet with your eBook reader. With this new release it will be possible to update your WIFIBible in the future with more content. Besides that, the WIFIBible is now protected against misuse as well.

Another nice feature is the download statistics, which shows you what files other people like the most.

Apply for the WIFIBible newsletter and we will let you know when the WIFIBible with the new release is available to buy.


Everyone who has already a WIFIBible is getting a free upgrade to the new version!