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Easter Women’s Convention at Bena Bena

The Christian Life Center (CLC) church at Bena Bena had an Easter women’s Convention. They have asked CRMF to show the Jesus film at the end of the Convention, which is on the night of Easter Saturday April 4th 2015. The Learning Technology team have prepared a story-telling session with two short videos, one of which is about what MAF does and the other an inspiring video of a woman in India to inspire the women there. We have also brought along the new WIFIBible Project device for testing and the Jesus video kit to show the Jesus video in the evening.

We arrived there around one o’clock and started the story-telling session. The WIFIBible banner was hung up outside the church and  the WIFIBible was set up for the people to access in the CRMF van that we went in.

One of the women had a smart phone which we use to show the others what the WIFIBible is and what resources are on it. She was happy for us to download the biblical resources to her phone. She said that these resources will be very helpful to the youths here and also the students at the Bena Bena Secondary School.

We showed the Jesus video in the evening and return back to Goroka afterward.