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WIFIBible projects

The WIFIBible can be placed on every location where people are waiting. The people from Papua New Guinea enjoy to explore new things.
For locations without power grid, we are able to provide a solar powered WIFIBible soon.

The WIFIBible on the bus

The WIFIBible is installed on some PMV buses which are traveling on the main Highway between Lae - Madang - Mt.Hagen.

The buses that are equipped with the WIFIBible can be recognized by the WIFIBible stickers on the front and the side of the bus.

The passengers traveling on the Highway bus can access the resources while traveling to their destinations.

The WIFIBible on the plane

By end of this year all the MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) planes in Papua New Guinea will be equipped with the WIFIBible. With the MAF planes also the remote people can benefit  from the WIFIBible as MAF serves some of the most remote areas in PNG.

The device on the plane is battery powered and is switched on whilst the cargo is off-loaded on an airstrip in the remote areas.

The WIFIBible in Schools

The WIFIBible installed in schools is providing free resources to hundreds of students. Like everywhere, Internet and Pornography is a big challenge for the youth.

The WIFIBible provides free and healthy content and helps the students to stay connected with God and his word.