About Us

What is the WIFIBible

WIFIBible is a device that is distributed by Christian Radio Missionary Fellowship. It is accessed through a WIFI connection and does not need Digicel or BMobile credits to connect to it.

The contents in the WIFIBible are free to access and download.

How to access it

When you want to access a WIFIBible, look for the WIFIBible sticker. Once you are at the location of the WIFIBible, turn on the WIFI settings on your device. You need to be within a 20m range of the device to access the WIFIBible.

What it contains

WIFIBible contains Christian resources that can help you in your Christian life and for you to come to know Jesus as your personal Lord and savior.

It contains gospel music, Bible in several languages, Jesus films and mobile apps.