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  • WIFIBible at the EBC Singaut book store 

    The EBC Singaut Book store in Goroka has a WIFIBible and it has recently been update to the new version, 1.2! 


  • WIFIBible version 1.2 is out now!

    WIFIBible has recently released another version and is out now!

    With tutorial videos, Bible Project short videos, English Bible to use offline and more.


  • Digital Bibles distributed by the MAF planes

    The MAF planes from Papua New Guinea are now equipped with the WIFIBible and deliver free Bibles to remote places.


  • WIFIBible at Goroka Secondary School

     The Principal has request for fresh and new content for student.


WIFIBible on the bus

You will find the WIFIBible installed on public buses on the highway between Lae - Madang - Goroka - Hagen. The WIFIBible buses are marked with the WIFIBible logo.

WIFIBible on the plane

Some MAF planes (Mission Aviation Fellowship) are equipped with the WIFIBible to bring the Good News to remote places.

WIFIBible In Schools

WIFIBible devices in schools are providing free and healthy content to students. As the young generation is using smart phones this is a good place for the WIFIBible.